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26 Jul 2014

Working, fixing, and upgrading the blog

Yes, i'm trying to decorate the blog as simple as ever. so if you found some glitches, or typoes, like this one, contact me in the gadget below.
also, if you noticed some things are not working as it should be, the conclusion is i'm still fixing it. thank you for your attention

Why Should I Watch Rail Wars!?

Why should i watch it?

Rail Wars!

Yes, you should watch it

overall 7/10. bonus points are from the osts

why should we watch dis?
1. Adds your knowledge about trains. from the organizations train-related, station names and places (for japan), jobs related to trains, and people that works around it
2. Tells you, that workers in the train area even put their own life on the line to ensure your safety, even without you knowing it
3. A little ecchi. can be tolerated
4. The action is logical. it is based on real-life actions, which could be studied
5. I sensed some harem shit

Zankyou no Terror - First Impression

First Impression of

Zankyou no Terror

Da Graphics - Aiming for a realist one. it's reaaaaaaaaally smooth. with such realistic art, one thing bugs me. Twelve's f*cking smile

Da Story - It's about terrorism (?) *conclusion from episode one*. about two test subjects (Nine & Twelve) escaped from a lab, and recruited a girl from their school (Mishima Lisa). interesting. one of the interesting animus besides the 5pb.'s series IMO.

overall 11/10. love the terrorism baby

why should we watch this shit? love the terrorism. be the criminal. think like a criminal. if you love Psycho-Pass, then this animu will probably be one of your favourites

Awesomenauts Review~

First Impression of



Da Graphics - Haha. 2D side scrolling. like the title, awesome graphics. the cartoonish looks. flawless action. epic effects. interesting, especially to play it in a widescreen / television

Da Story - idk. i never really understand the story of Awesomenauts. just check it on the opening

Da Gameplay - AWESOME. for a 2D Side-scrolling Coop Action game, it really fits the type. it got a full controller support, and the development is still ongoing (it's patch 2.5 when this post is typed). it's a balanced 3 on 3 match, with around 15+ heroes (called "Awesomenauts"). you can teleport back to base without buying some shit, and you could get hit if you don't hide behind your droids. the neutrals are for healing purpose (they won't attack). and the skills are easy to use (and easy to understand). one of my favourite awesomenauts is Raelynn the Bounty Hunter. it's locked until you reach a certain level (which could be achieved by playing Practice Mode). well, earning gold (called "Solar") is easy, you could just kill neutrals, or move around the map collecting white Solars (valued 1 solar). killing the enemy awesomenaut, will drop some gold solars, but you have to be fast, to collect all the solars. coz your friend can pick the solars dropped too. or when you're killed, you'll drop some solars too.

another thing, there is a "Skin" system, so your awesomenauts will look different, but no different in stats. if you have some money to spend, just buy some skin, worth the price if i say (but i never bought anything)

overall 8/10. bonus points for full controller support. i luv dat

why should we play this? it's a fun thing to play with your friends, spending time together, it supports Local and LAN play too... so, the conclusion is, if you want something that can be played cooperatively with your friends, Awesomenauts is one of them

Tokyo ESP - First Impression!

First Impression of

Tokyo ESP (Tokyo Espers)

Da Graphics - Actually, it's a no comment. It looks like it's an anime from the 90s (based on the Kadokawa Pictures opening), and the realistic look of the face. This is a good type of anime, you know. where moe moe faggots are not everything.

Da Story - Espers attacked Tokyo (more like, dominated it). There was too many espers, i lost count of it. Invisible+Giga Punch Esper? Yes. Future-Teller Esper? Yes. Teleporter Esper? Of course. Magnet Esper(s)? YES!

overall 75/10. no bonus points for this

Why should we watch this? if you love supernatural things, you will love this

*Gore alert

.hack//Sekai no Mukou ni - Full Review!

Full Review of

.hack//Sekai no Mukou ni

Da Graphics - IT'S FINAL FANTASY CROSSED WITH STAR WARS. PEW PEW PEW. LAZZORRSS. But, i feel more comfortable looking at .hack//'s 3DCG than Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova's 3DCG. yes. it really looked like Final Fantasy in the combat scenes, and AIRSHIP! *i spoiled the story a little bit*

Da Story - I don't really know this story, i'm confused, what is the true one? Kite is a boy? or is it a girl? (the people in IRAL *In Real Anime Life*). i've read till .hack//G.U.+, but still, i don't understand Kite is a boy or girl.
anyway, it's a good story, based on the original serie, with the first version of The World. since it's a movie, it's a little short, and a bit rushed. but, it succeeds in delivering the original content to the viewers

overall 9/10. bonus points for OSTs.

why should we watch this? coz it's a .hack movie. buy the blu-ray, to get full pawah of the 3DCG

Karigurashi no Arietty - Full Review~

Full Review of

Karigurashi no Arietty (Arietty, The Borrower)

Da Graphics - Read the image. "From the Studio Ghibli" of course it's good you guys. even tho i prefer the moe moe face structure we use now, but i too enjoy this kind of anime. so don't go comparing this to today's anime.

Da Story - Inspired by Mary Norton's "The Borrowers" which i of course didn't read, Studio Ghibli made something quite incredible. they even proved, that a good ending doesn't always mean the main character will meet again, or, the main character will not die.
i'll try not to spoil the story, so, enjoy it yourself, and feel it.

overall 9/10. bonus points, contains life advices.

why should we watch this? it's Studio Ghibli dude, why not?

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - First Impression!

First Impression of

Mobile Suit Gundam-san (Gundam-san)

minus da fanservice and S&M content

Da Story - Since it was based on a 4koma... there was nothing serious.

overall 6.5/10. Minus points from S&M

I suggest you should go watch the original series of Mobile Suit Gundam, before seeing this. to understand the world better

Aldnoah.Zero - First Impression!

First Impression of


Da Graphics - Acceptable. A bit realistic one if i say so. with good 3DCGs, smooth movements. the robots (or, Terran Cataphracts) looked a bit like Macross xD

Da Story - Human goes to the mooon -> Founded an unused Warp Gate to Mars -> Used it -> Met the Vers race -> "Heaven Falls" Tragedy -> 15 years of fake peace -> Another war. The first castle landed on New Orleans, WIPED OUT EVERYBODEH. INTERESTING. Martian Robo with Godlike Pawah v.s Terran Robo with Limited Pawah n Energee.

overall 7/10. bonus points? nope

why should i watch this? if you love Mecha, or Sci-fi, this is something interesting you should watch

25 Jul 2014

Sword Art Online 2 - First Impression!

First Impression of

Sword Art Online II

Da Graphics - IMO, there have been a downgrade. everything other looks the same to me. the GUI. the HUDs. Kirito's shitty face. Asuna's moemoefaggot favourite's face. i couldn't really came up with something in mind

Da Story - The only thing in the story making me interested is guns. I don't like harem shits, and the title had a "Sword Art", featured guns. just WOW. the first episode only covered like, 1/100 of the plot. so i can't really think of something too now.

overall 4/10. bonus points are n/a

why should we watch this? wait for episode 3